Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Nichkhun gets protective over Jun.K peeking at his younger sister's legs

Nichkhun jokingly got angry at Jun.K because he was looking a little too close at his little sister!

On the May 27 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Hello', a woman came out to complain about her overprotective younger brother, revealing that he crossed the line when it came to her personal life. Nichkhun admitted that he thought it was a problem, saying to the younger brother, "I think you need to trust your noona more". One of the MCs then asked Nichkhun, "Do you trust your little sister?", and he replied immediately, "Of course I do!".

Jun.K then joked, "I saw his younger sister, and she had on a very short skirt". Nichkhun heard this and turned sharply to Jun.K, yelling, "What did you see?!". To make matters 'worse', the others members jumped into the joke and said, "I saw nothing", and "I didn't see anything". Nichkhun took Jun.K under a headlock, laughing as he shouted, "Come here, you!".

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