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2PM’s Nichkhun Dates through the Phone

Wanting to stay hidden, 2PM’s Nichkhun revealed that when he dates, it’s usually through the phone.

On May 21, Nichkhun, along with Taecyeon and Chansung, appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, where he was asked if the 2PM members are dating.

The 2PM members revealed that their ban on dating has lifted. MC Shin Dong Yeop remarked that they must have laughed in the background, since they’ve been dating this entire time.

But Nichkhun said that what he does can’t really be considered dating. “I’ll meet her, but we won’t date,” said Nichkhun, confusing the MC panel.

Nichkhun shared that when he meets someone, instead of outwardly dating, he usually just communicates through the phone or with texting.

The MCs wondered if it was because the woman in question was also a celebrity, which Nichkhun added, "I′m really scared of scandals. I′m scared of being seen with a woman."

Actor Lee Chang Hoon, also a guest on the show, then told Nichkhun, “You have to date a lot. That way, you can find the right woman.”

MC Shin Dong Yeop agreed and told Nichkhun to listen to Lee Chan Hoon, since he’s the ancestor of scandals.

Photo Credit: SBS

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