Senin, 20 Mei 2013

[Photo] 2PM Gets Cute and Sexy on Mnet′s ′Wide Open Studio′

On May 16, 2PM made its highly anticipated music show comeback on M COUNTDOWN. Prior to appearing on the show, 2PM headed to CJ E&M′s Wide Open Studio to greet the fans.

The many face of Taecyeon...

Let′s take a closer look, shall we?


Or nice...?

Taecyeon, doing his daily cheek exercises so he can look like...


Jun.K isn′t feeling all the feels.

But Taecyeon doesn′t care.

Wooyoung would like the focus to return to him.

But we all know it′s a group effor with 2PM.

And all the bromance is what makes Junho happy.

Or maybe it′s his butt.

In any case, Jun.K is feeling it. Inside.

Wooyoung gives the fans a good view.

Chansung works on those muscles.

Bye Bye 2PM!

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
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