Senin, 27 Mei 2013

2PM's Junho treats 300 fans to a meal with the group's win on 'Music Bank'

2PM's Junho treated 300 fans to a meal, fulfilling his promise after winning #1 on 'Music Bank' the other day!

The group, who made their comeback with double title tracks, had promised to treat fans to a meal if they were able to clinch a win on a music program previously. With their win becoming reality, Junho had the meals prepared and delivered to 300 lucky fans!

The idol took to his Twitter to write, "Junho's treating you all. Did you guys receive it?? Our fans probably come without having anything to eat, so out of worry, I've prepared this. Please eat it and gain strength!"

Through the agency, he also expressed his grateful heart saying, "This is a small thing in return for the big honor fans have gifted 2PM... This is such a small present compared to the amount of love and support fans have shown us wherever we've been for the past 2 years."

Congrats to 2PM once again!

full credit : allkpop repost by 2pm_group

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