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[Star of the Week] The Idols Who Have Crushes on Lee Hyori

Let’s face it.
Lee Hyori is smart, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous.

So it’s no real surprise that she’s up there when it comes to choosing a celebrity ideal type.

Through her 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Lee Hyori has allowed the public to see the many facets of her personality, and the nation has fallen head over heels for the singer, including a few of your favorite male idol group members.

2PM’s Junho

Wanting a woman who can lead, 2PM’s Junho picked Lee Hyori as his ideal type.

In 2010, Junho was lucky enough to have the chance to introduce the next song on KBS’ Music Bank with Lee Hyori.

As each 2PM member did a little something to impress their senior, Junho noticeably had a solo, singing that Hyori was10 Points Out of 10 while handing her a rose.

Knowing Lee Hyori is Junho’s ideal, Taecyeon loudly yells, “This is a broadcast with ulterior motives!”

NU’EST’s Ren

At a press conference for NU’EST’s new album release in 2013, the members went around, sharing their ideal types. Ren especially came into the spotlight, having acted as a romantic couple with Nam Bo Ra on the set of his music video.

“I like a woman who can take good care of me and fit with my personality,” said Ren, but not before he added, “Lee Hyori sunbaenim is the closest to my ideal type.”

In a different interview, Ren had nothing but compliments for his respected senior, even saying Lee Hyori is Korea’s Beyonce. He hoped to one day stand on same stage with Lee Hyori.

Former H.O.T member, Tony

While his eyes are all on Girls’ Day’s Hyeri now, former H.O.T member, Tony, had previously stated that Lee Hyori was his ideal lady.

As a man who studies a person for a long time before making a move, Tony picked his long time friend, Lee Hyori as his dream girl.

As they’ve both promoted around the same time as H.O.T and Fin.K.L. and had a lot of time to get to know each other, Tony said the reason why Hyori is his ideal type is because of her ability to take care of everyone around her – just one of her many strong points.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong has been pretty vocal about letting everyone know that Lee Hyori is his ideal type, and we don’t blame him at all.

So we were quite amused when he shared on KBS’ Happy Together in 2009 about how Big Bang’s T.O.P made him so angry when he kissed Lee Hyori in a performance.

“I got angry all of the sudden because he was about to kiss her forehead and then he did an ad-lib and kissed her on the lips,” said Kim Hyun Joong. “I threw the remote control at the TV and yelled, ‘No!’”

But even though his ideal maybe Lee Hyori, when he was asked if he would ditch his We Got Married wife, Hwang Bo if Lee Hyori came on the show, Kim Hyun Joong showed loyalty and chose Hwang Bo over his ideal lady.

John Park

While he may not be an idol, it doesn’t change the fact that in John Park’s eyes, Lee Hyori is perfect.

John Park has been pretty straightforward, saying that Lee Hyori is his ideal type. He’s said it in so many interviews that it eventually slipped into Lee Hyori’s ears.

Lucky for John Park, they eventually became very close friends, so close to the point that John Park stated that Lee Hyori lost her mysteriousness and became a nuna that he just knows.

Too bad for John Park, because there was a point when Lee Hyori hoped John Park would see her as a woman.

Photo Credit: B2M Entertainment, Mnet, KBS, Pledis Entertainment, SBS, SM Entertainment, DSP Media, Cosmopolitan

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