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2PM Wouldn’t Perform Without Nichkhun During DUI Incident

Appearing on SBS’ Incarnation, 2PM’s Nichkhun shared the hardship that followed his DUI incident.

On May 21, Nichkhun was asked how he was able to forgive himself after his DUI incident in July 2012.

“After the accident, I went to the victim and personally asked for forgiveness,” said Nichkhun. “It was a really difficult time. I wasn’t in any situation to appear on anything and talk about it. I had to stay silent about it.”

He added that for a month and a half, he stayed inside the dorms because he wasn’t able to forgive himself for his mistake. “I felt really bad to the 2PM members.”

MC Shin Dong Yeop asked if Nichkhun thought about going back to Thailand, and Nichkhun replied that he didn’t want to go back. “I didn’t want to meet my parents because I felt so sorry, but after the accident, my parents came to Korea to be by my side.”

“My parents told me to accept my mistake and to think deeply on the matter,” said Nichkhun. “They told me to build up my courage and do better things. To use this crisis to make it into an opportunity.”

Nichkhun stated that the most painful comment he heard during the situation was, “As a foreigner, you came to Korea and did a bad thing. Go back to Thailand.”

As a representative of Thailand, Nichkhun said he felt a lot of responsibility and was even more disappointed in himself.

Despite the unfortunate accident, Nichkhun said he felt much gratitude towards his 2PM members. “They said they wouldn’t perform without me. The agency wondered about doing solo promotions, but the members said they wouldn’t do it alone.”

Taecyeon, also appearing as a guest on the show, added, “We had a scheduled comeback in September. The company was in the position of thinking about profits, but in the end, the conversation ended with no one promoting without Nichkhun.”

Photo Credit: SBS
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