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[News/Interview] 2PM talks about supporting Junho Solo debut in Japan, Taecyeon feel sorry.

Junho made a successful solo debut in Japan this Year and 2PM members were there to show support specially in Junho solo tour. 

Oricon asked the boys about the support they showed with Junho and here is the translation interview clip:

Q: Between 2PM’s activities, you guys went to Junho solo concert right?

Taecyeon: You’ve worked hard! (great applause)
Junho: It’s an unforgettable summer in a life time. I really enjoyed it. I’m very
happy because fans gave a great welcome.

Q: Your Japanese has improved too.
Junho: Ah~ It’s not like that. But, as the tour went on, I could freely learn.
At the concert finale (of Junho’s solo concert) JUN. K and Wooyoung came.
JUN. K: Eventhough I’m happy that I was
able to see Junho’s mature side, at that
time I also felt the emptiness with the
thought of “The tour is ending”
Wooyoung: Although JUN. K and I saw the
concert from inside the box, actually we
wanted to enjoy it from the seats with the
Junho: I was nervous for the last concert
and actually, this year, there’s a part that
I didn’t do. That’s why, I want to do it
again. By all means, of course I have to
pay it off. And next time when I can do it,
Taecyeon has to come, it will be good. 
Taecyeon: I’m sorry. I also continuously
wanted to go, but because of the drama
filming, the timing was bad so I cound’t
JUN. K: Taecyeon sent me a message of “I
really want to go but I couldn’t go. I’m
really sorry. Tell Junho.”
Junho: Oh? It’s the first time I hear about
JUN. K: Even I didn’t say it sooner, Junho
had already known about Taecyeon’s
Junho: That’s right. I’m always feeling it.
Taecyeon: It’s a relieve, from Korea I
constantly told Junho to be strong.
Junho: Even so, I’m happy because I know
Taecyeon hyung was also tired from the
drama filming but he still thought about
me like that in the midst of that. I was
also supporting Taecyeon hyung’s drama
filming from Japan with saying “Fighting!”
To Taecyeon, did you catch on Junho’s
Taecyeon: Of course~
Nichkhun and Chansung you went to
different places (of Junho’s concert) right?
Nichkhun: I watched the one in Osaka
Chansung: I watched the one in Diver
City. I watched Junho seriously.
Even with solo activites, you are warm
Taecyeon: This time, JUN. K is challenging
“Jack The Ripper” musical in Japan!
JUN. K: At that time Taecyeon made a
promise altogether
Taecyeon: I did? 
JUN. K: Because I said it here you have to
do your promise
Taecyeon: Ah, I’m in a big problem

via : Trans via Junkay_Intl, Posted by: Admin Alexander

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