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[News/Interview] WooYoung ask Jun. K to say sorry, Junho wants Chansung to say sorry and resolution is?

Members of 2PM gathered and were ask about saying sorry that made Jun. K and Chansung on the spot. 

Find out more revelations in the interview clip below:

Q: In “Comeback When You Hear This Song” lyric,there’s a part of “I’m sorry”, if you can say it now, the thing you want to apologize to the member?
Wooyoung: seems like JUN. K has one.
JUN. K: eh? Me?
Wooyoung: Yes, that’s right.
JUN. K: (Holding his head) ah, because it’s
too many, it’s not coming out directly 

Chansung: Do we need to give you some
JUN. K: I will think about it until the next
Chansung: That much? 
Junho: Chansung has one (to apologize) to
Chansung: Ah, this time it’s me
Junho: Because of Chansung, I was having
a hard time at home. (Chansung blinking)
Because Chansung forgot to turn off the
lights, I did it instead.
Everyone: Aha~ (convinced)
Are you paying attention to things like
Junho: If I say it, it will keep the condition
in the house well. But Chansung is 
 instead of 작심삼일 (determined) ㅋㅋㅋ
Taecyeon: he said 
작심삼일작심= resolution, = three, =
days, which means can’t keep a resolution
for more than few days.
작심이일작심= resolution, =two, =
days, it’s a word play]
He (Chansung) was concious of it but
seems like he forgot.
JUN. K: Even so, when he slept at hotel, he
turned the lights off well and slept.
Chansung: No. When I went out (of
house) I left the lights on.
Taecyeon: To prevent thieves?
Chansung: Because at the entrance the
light was off, when I went to my room, it’s
so dark. Isn’t it dangerous because I
couldn’t see anything? That’s why I left the
lights on.
Junho: No need to say that seriously.
Chansung: And although I have to
apologize like this, seems like I’m not the
only one doing that! (seeing toward
Taecyeon: Because we’ve been living
together for 8 years, of course there are
things like this.
Taecyeon: Because if we’re living together
for 2 more years, it will have been 10
That’s a long time.
JUN. K: That’s why I think even when we
don’t directly say sorry, each of us
already understands.
Taecyeon: Because we know each other’s
feeling, there’s also nothing to fight. We
have shared various things from simple
stories until serious ones.
Everyone’s relationship is good. In the
lyric of “C.W.Y.H.T.S” there’s a line of “I
will live even I’m injured” How do you
give encouragement of an injured
Wooyoung: I’ll tell them stories anyway.
For me, because I think rather than
talking, listening is better... I think
everyone is the same.
Chansung: And also I will create a
comforting situation to chat while being
beside that member.
Nichkhun: It’s not to give encouragement
noisily but it’s important to support that
member to gain his strength by himself...
Because we’re together for a long time, we
already know this such thing.

Trans via JUNKAY_INT
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