Rabu, 16 Oktober 2013

[NEWS] Nichkhun spotted togetehr with Chinese actors in Greece "Filming is over"

Pictures of 2PM’s Nichkhun taken together with other actors in Greece have been released.

On October 14, China’s actress Gao Long Ke uploaded several pictures taken with the cast 

members of ‘One and a Half, Summer’ on her Weibo (Chinese Twitter) account with a 

comment to announce the end of the drama filming.

Gao Long Ke received envy from fans by releasing her pictures taken in a sweet pose 

together with the handsome actors Nichkhun and Zhou Tang Hao. In the pictures, Gao Long 

Ke is smiling beautifully between the two actors while Nichkhun and Zhou Tang Hao made a

hilarious face by opening their mouth and wrinkling their forehead.

Fans responded with comments such as, "They look close to one another" "The filming is

over" "Nichkhun always wore a student look during the filming, but now he is wearing a

cool look" "I really look forward to the drama” and "They are in Santorini. I envy them.”

Nichkhun debuted as a drama actor as Jang Hao, a Chinese American who came to China in

search for his love, in the Chinese drama series ‘One and a Half, Summer’. The 30-episode 

youth drama 'One and a Half, Summer’ is expected to premier in 2014.

[TV Report=Park Seol-yi] 

Photograph=Gao Long Ke Weibo account

By Park Seol-yi manse@tvreport.co.kr

via 2PM Naver

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