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[News/Drama] Taecyeon under negotiation to star in KBS Drama "Good Years"

2PM Taecyeon is garnering attention, whether he will be starring in Lee Kyung-hee writer's 

new work.

On 14th afternoon, KBS told OSEN that "Taecyeon is negotiating to star in 'Good 

Years'(tentative title) but nothing is decided yet."

Previously, according to one media, Lee Seo-jin, Kim Hee-sun and Taecyeon is considering 

Lee Kyung-hee writer's new work 'Good Years'. Especially, Lee Kyung-hee writer is famous 

for her orignal and sensible lines with heart-warming stories well shown in 'Sang Doo, Let's 

Go To School', 'Sorry I Love You', 'A Love to Kill', 'Thank You', 'Will it Snow at Christmas?', 

'Nice Guy' and so on. Therefore, her new drama's casting is garnering attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyung-hee's new work

piece 'Good Years' will be aired in KBS

2TV as the follow-up of 'The Wang Family'.

The first episode will be aired in February next year.

News via Naver

[OSEN=Kwon Ji-young]

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