Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

[News/Magazine] Chansung, chosen as has potential to be passionate Lover.

2PM recently sat down with Japanese Magazine "Baila" to introduce it's latest Single "Winter Games" and as they talk about more. 

When asked about - Who do you think between the members will love the most passionately?

JH: I think its Chansung. If its because of

his lover, he’ll be there no matter what.

CS: ehh, are you saying that I’m always

free and have nothing to do? (laughs)

WY: its saying that you’re a serious

person. If its like this, then I think its Taec

CS: Agree. looks like he’ll run pretty fast

(laughs) He gives off the “always ready to

run” manly vibe.

TY: that is just an illusion. I’m a man who

can fall asleep even in important time


cr : Magazine Clip Translation: via nawoo430 post / via: __pearlyboey 

via : Admin Alexander

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