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[TRANS/SCANS] 130701 PopTeen Magazine - 100 Q&A with Lee Junho

[Asia’s No.1 Beastly Idols]

2PM’s Junho appears on Popteen!
An interview together with Ms Iguana!
From stories of his first love to stories of self-discipline
All the secrets are all revealed to you with absolutely no limitations~
Revealing the 100 Q&A’s from the world-known popular idol group 2PM’s Junho!
Junho’s manly charms have caused Ms Iguana to be head over heels for him
Because this is the only magazine where you can read such~ a precious interview, please read it fully, word by word!

Junho. Born on 1990 January 25th. Blood Type A. As 2PM’s member, apart from music related activities he has also participated in the film <Cold Eyes>, being largely active in acting and MC areas too. In addition, his Japanese solo tour is about to commence starting from July 9th!

[Solo Debut Mini Album]
<Kimi No Koe> to be released on July 24th!!
This solo debut mini album was entirely composed by Junho, himself. Combining dynamic sounds with delicate and perfectly harmonized vocals, he’s attracted many people’s attention with his various musical genres!

[100 Q & A]

Q1. 2PM is referred to as “beastly idols”, therefore in love is Junho more of a carnivore? (Explanation: In love, a carnivorous man is referred to a more initiative man, while a herbivorous man is more passive)
§  I can be either one, but if I really liked a girl I would become a very extreme carnivorous man!
Q2. In summer, what female fashion style do you like?
§  Light clothing. For example, a white t-shirt matched with skinny jeans and casual and comfortable trainers. However, in order to match a girl with such a simple outfit will require some difficult decision-making (laughs)
Q3. What action/gesture would make you think a girl is cute?
§  Whenever they prop their chin up using their hand and stare far away? Because it’s only my imagination, I haven’t seen that happen in reality before (laughs)
Q4. Have you ever received a gift from a female which made you particularly happy?
§  Wallet. Personally, I don’t mind using a really old wallet. She said, “Using a good wallet will prevent you from losing your fortune~” while giving me the wallet and I was really touched.
Q5. If someone was to make food for you, what would you request?
§  Instead of food, I’d be happier if I received letters. Even if lots of love was put into the cooking, there’s nothing left after I eat it, while you can always save letters. When I’m married, if I suddenly found a letter written for me while flicking through paper works, I’ be extremely touched.
Q6. Your ideal type of girl is?
§  Someone who can make me feel like I’m being healed when we’re together and someone who can calmly accept anything that happens.
Q7. What do you dislike seeing females do?
§  I don’t like people who use a lot of swear words.
Q8. Something a girl would say that can make you happy?
§  “What do you think of me?” because that means that she cares about what I think, right? Just thinking about it now makes my heart pound… (laughs)
Q9. What are the essential requirements to become Junho’s lover?
§  I’m not really sure about that. In the past, I always thought it was a girl who was really pretty and have a career of her own and whatnot. But as I get older, these requirements have slowly faded away. In contrast, now I think that someone who matches with me well is the best. I’m not sure about any specific requirements.
Q10. What kind of love relationship do you look forward to?
§  I’d like to hold hands whenever and wherever I want, and a relationship where we can both heal each other internally.
Q11. Do you have the wish to get married?
§  Right now I just want to work hard in my career, I haven’t seriously thought of marriage yet.
Q12. When was your first love?
§  It was when I was in 6th grade. I had a really good relationship with a girl in my class, although I already knew I really liked her, I was too shy. Because I was too shy to tell her straight-forwardly, we both exchanged letters. And just like that we slowly ended up together.
Q13. If you were to go on a date, where would you like to go?
§  I’d like to go on a car ride together and take slow walks along the streets hand in hand. Eat ice-cream together, sit down on a bench, and maybe sometimes lie my head on top of her lap? (laughs)
Q14. Past the shoulder long hair and short hairstyles, which do you prefer?
§  As long as it suits her then I’d like it!
Q15. Do you like GAL?
(T/N: GAL (aka gyaru) is a term used to describe a Japanese fashion/lifestyle sub-culture ; a glamorous, princess-like lifestyle.  Sexy and cute females that usually have bright hair colors, strong eye make up and individual sense of fashion. Many are found in Shibuya.)
§  I think they have a strong personality, quite good.
Q16. Do you have friends with a GAL-style?
§  No. But I’d like to meet some.
Q17. What do you think after seeing GAL?
§  I think they have a strong personality which is great. I think they really understand their charismatic features so they left a very attractive impression.
Q18. Have you been to Shibuya?
§  Of course! During resting times, the staff and I went to look at suits.
Q19. Have you been to Shibuya 109?
(Shibuya 109 is a large department store)
§  I’ve only walked past the front door, but never went inside. Next time I definitely will go in~! (laughs)
Q20. If Junho was to become GAL, what would you like to do or is there any places you’d like to go?
§  Actually, I would like you to recommend me instead… (looks at POP July issue cover) If I were a girl, I’d probably like to have my hair tied up high.
Q21. Girly make-up and mixed make-up styles, which do you prefer?
§  I like both!
Q22. What are your thoughts on GAL make-up styles?
§  I really like it. Cleverly understanding how to emphasize their individual charismatic features, I think that’s great!
Q23. What kind of student was Junho before?
§  Because I was interested in performing, I was in drama class. I danced at the school festival, after one week I suddenly became popular in school. Under unknown circumstances, people were even selling photos of me in school (laughs)
Q24. Which subjects were you good/bad at?
§  Math. Rather than saying I wasn’t good at it, I just didn’t like it.
Q25. What is your best memory from your student days?
§  There are a lot of fun memories when I went to KTV and the cinema with my friends, I really miss those days~
Q26. Do you have a “you must do this well” advice to current students?
§  Study well! In order to enter society of course you must study well. But don’t focus solely on studying. In order to increase your ability to socialize, interacting with lots of people is also very important.
Q27. What have you heard GAL was?
§  What is GAL? It’s a person who wears strong, statement-making make-up and are very trendy, that’s what I’ve heard.
Q28. Recently in Japan, men are becoming more and more based on luxuries. If we want them to become as strong and manly as Junho, what’s the first thing they should do?
§  How about raising a pet? It can build up a sense of responsibility in a man. Because I’ve raised many different pets since I was a child, I wasn’t afraid of the iguana we used today for filming or other crawling animals. But this iguana doesn’t move at all, it would be a very boring pet to have because there’s no fun playing with it (laughs)
Q29. Do you any Japanese artists you like?
§  I like Fukuyama Masaharu and Namie Amuro. Fukuyama Masaharu is active in many different areas and in each area, he has been very successful. So I’d like to know his secret to his success. Namie Amuro is particularly well-known in Japan. When I was younger, if we were talking about Japanese singers, then it’ll definitely be Namie Amuro. Everyone knows her.
Q30. How do you decide on each of your hairstyles?
§  I constantly think of what kind of hairstyles suit me more. If I could, I’d like to shave off all my hair once even though it doesn’t seem to suit me (laughs)
Q31. If you were to go on an outing, by the sea, mountains, busy streets, which one would you go to?
§  I want to go to streets near the beach like those in San Francisco.
Q32. Your skin is really good, what are your beauty secrets?
§  I don’t particularly pay a lot of attention, just cleanse properly and use some toner.
Q33. Your face is really small, have you been doing any specific exercises to slim down your face?
§  I’ve been massaging. Using your knuckles, lightly rub in a circular motion under your jaw, loosening up tense muscles will also make your mood better. I do that whenever I have time. In order to prevent my jaw getting bigger, I don’t chew a lot of gum or eat dried squid.
Q34. Junho is known to have a pretty butt, what exercises can people do to get a more curvy bottom?
§  I was naturally born with it. I didn’t do any special exercises (laughs)
Q35. Are you on a diet right now? How do you diet?
§  I don’t eat any snacks or junk food at all. In the morning, I just have a banana. During the day, I eat only half the amount I usually have for dinner. If you don’t specifically look at it as dieting but pay attention to your diet, you will naturally slim down.
Q36. What in Japan amazes you?
§  The streets are particularly clean. I just want to have walks all the time.
Q37. Please tell us an interesting summer memory.
§  When I was in high school, during World Cup time my friends and I went to Ilsan’s lakeside park to watch football whilst eating fried chicken, cheering and running around. It was a really fun and happy time.
Q38. Your Japanese is really good, what are your learning techniques?
§  I never think of it as learning or studying, I just learn through watching Japanese dramas or films. Formal language was learned from study material, trendier phrases were basically picked up from TV dramas.
Q39. Your favourite Japanese phrase is?
§  “I really like...” “I like…” I like words which makes people happy. But currently I have no one to say these to (laughs)
Q40. The first Japanese phrase you learned was?
§  “I’m in Year 3, Class 4!” I learned it for my high school self-introduction.
Q41. Your most commonly used Japanese phrase is?
§  Thank you very much! You’ve worked hard!
Q42. Give us some tips on how to learn Korean.
§  I’d recommend everyone to watch TV dramas. There are some sounds in Korean that are not present in Japanese, but it won’t be a problem after trying and practicing. I’ve participated in the film <Cold Eyes> and also two 2PM members have acted in the TV drama <Dream High>. Everyone please practice hard while enjoying the movie and drama
Q43. Apart from Japan and Korea, is there any country you’d like to visit?
§  I want to go to Egypt! I hope to see the pyramids at least once in my lifetime!
Q44. If you weren’t a celebrity now, what kind of person would you wish to be?
§  That’s hard to imagine. I think I’d just be living a very normal life.
Q45. If you were granted one wish from God, what would you wish for?
§  Please grant me many more wishes!
Q46. What kind of a child were you?
§  I did really well in track & field and soccer, everyone used to call me ‘active man’. (laughs) I was a child who was always full of energy and went outside every day.
Q47. Your favourite film is?
§  Not long from now, <Cold Eyes> will be released in Korea. My role is the special criminal investigator ace who focuses on spying, and has a fun and playful personality.
Q48. Your favourite Korean cuisine is?
§  Bimbimbap.
Q49. Your favourite Japanese cuisine is?
§  Fried noodles, eel rice, ramen, takoyaki...
Q50. Your favourite ramen flavour is?
§  Pig-bone soup flavour, miso flavour, soy sauce flavour… I like all kinds of flavours.
Q51. Food you cannot stand?
§  Beondegi (steamed or boiled silkworm pupa). It’s a popular snack in Korea.
Q52. I’ve heard you like Japanese animes, which ones are your favourite right now?
§  <One Piece>, <Doraemon>, and <BLEACH>. When I was younger, Doraemon was what I wanted the most, at that time I always wanted a Dokodemo Door (a door that allows travel to anywhere by going through the door). Right now, whenever there are times when I’m exhausted from work, I’d really want to have a yōjigen-pocket (Doraemon’s multi-purpose pocket that could produce many gadgets, medicines, and tools from the future) (laughs)
Q53. This summer, what would you want to do?
§  Have a vacation by the sea!
Q54. You give people a very fashionable image, do you have any favourite shops or shopping locations in Japan?
§  Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando.
Q55. Your favourite brands?
§  Givenchy, Thom Browne, Christian Louboutin, Balmain, Kris Van Assche, Saint Laurent, Giacomorelli, and many others that I like. I don’t limit myself to any style, so I like all kinds of styles.
Q56. What kind of fashion style are you going for this summer?
§  Oversized, sleeveless tops, matched with oversized trousers. Last year, I wore more tight-fitting outfits, so this summer I’d like to experiment with bigger sizes and lighter clothing.
Q57. Which fashion item do you want the most right now?
§  Basic styled jeans. Because I’ve lost some when I moved to a new dorm, most basic styled ones went missing…
Q58. When do you feel happiest?
§  When I’m composing and performing on stage. It’s a happiness that can’t be expressed with words~
Q59. If you were to describe yourself as an animal, it would be?
§  A leopard, an animal that is full of speed and passion. I also have a passion that’s as hot as fire, and I have a really ‘fast’ personality. I also walk very fast.
Q60. What item do you have the most in your room?
§  Shelves. I read quite often, I particularly enjoy reading fictional stories.
Q61. Your favourite weather is?
§  The seasonal change from Spring to Summer. I like bright, sunny weather.
Q62. Your favourite colour is?
§  Yellow. It’s the colour that represents me.
Q63. If you were to be reborn, do you wish to be male or female?
§  I’d like to try what it feels like to be a girl. Because they have a lot of cute clothes, females also have a larger range of hats and accessories. I’d like to enjoy fashion from a girl’s side.
Q64. The most recent thing which made you excited?
§  Solo debut!
Q65. Your attractive points?
§  I’m quite decisive.
Q66. Which feature on your face, do you like the most?
§  My left eye. Because it has hidden double eyelid folds, that’s why I like it.
Q67. Your motto is?
§  Honest heart and truth are understood in the end.
Q68. Your favourite brand is?
§  Compared to a brand, I prefer cars. I’d want to own an Aston Martin, but at the moment I can’t undertake that responsibility yet.
Q69. Can you teach everyone techniques to look good in photos?
§  I don’t know any (laughs). I just try out poses to find which ones make me look more handsome? Folding arms, putting my hand in my pocket or emotionless poses seem to be less difficult to control.
Q70. Have you taken photo stickers?
§  I have when I was in high school, but I don’t have any at home any more.
Q71. Your favourite dessert?
§  Cream and ice cream puff.
Q72. When is your favourite moment to take photos?
§  When I change hairstyles, when the members are sleeping, or after exercising and working out.
Q73. What do you do when resting?
§  Write lyrics and compose!
Q74. When do you feel most relaxed and restored?
§  Lying down or sleeping, I feel like all the tiredness has been restored with energy.
Q75. You’ve composed your solo album which will be released in July, where did you focus your emotions on?
§  Firstly, I wanted to express a solo singer side of 2PM’s Junho which people have never seen before. And so I composed the title song <Your Voice>, it could be said as combining Junho’s hopes and worries of meeting someone I long to see. I hope it’s enough to surpass all the areas where I was incomplete in or places where I wasn’t mature enough. I’ve tried to express myself fully through this solo.
Q76. When composing a song, which moment do you find most interesting?
§  Composing is really interesting, especially because the main focus of this album was to fully express ‘Junho’s’ image. So the production process needs to show a ‘Junho’ feel part by part. This made it seem very interesting to me.
Q77. During what kind of a moment would you suddenly think of a melody or lyric?
§  It appears in my mind when it’s really quiet, it also appears whenever I’m watching a drama series or a film. There are times when it even appears when I’m just daydreaming and staring at my keyboard. What is important is not to have a stubborn “I must write something!” kind of attitude to composing. I hope that the melodies and lyrics I’m letting the audience listen to through this album were written directly from my heart with emotions and stories. I hope that it was made in a very natural process.
Q78. Regarding this solo debut, have you felt anxious or worried?
§  Because the staff members who are very important people to me and continuously give me lots of support are by my side, I don’t really feel anxious. I also enjoy the whole process of solving a problem with the staff whenever one appears.
Q79. What is the largest difference between group activities and solo activities?
§  Up until now, I have to face everything that’s usually accomplished with six people working together. Compared to group activities, I feel even more nervous, especially at the start when I filmed my MV and album cover. I was really shy. I originally have quite a shy personality, although I was really engaged in it, but I’m not very used to continuing to film in front of so many people (laughs)
Q80. Is there any focus point present? Such as a ‘please pay attention to this area, everyone must listen carefully!’ point?
§  I hope everyone can pay attention to the main point that ‘matches with Junho’s personality’! Because this one album includes many of my favourite music styles, I hope everyone can feel and see the truest side of Junho.
Q81. Within this album is there any specific track you’d recommend?
§  <I’m in Love> and <Heartbreaker> are perfect for a drive. I hope under the warm sunlight you’d listen to <I Love You>. If you’re feeling down, you can listen to <Like a Star>. If you’d like to understand Junho more, then please listen to <Your Voice>. If you want to be involved in an energetic song, then listen to <Say Yes>. <Close Your Eyes> and <Goodbye> are most suitable to listen to at night.
Q82. Once you listened to the completed album, what were your thoughts?
§  Very blessed. Of course, no matter which song I listen to there’s only me singing (laughs). Even so, I felt that it was very fresh, I was extremely emotional.
Q83. You are about to start a tour around Japan’s 5 biggest cities. What kind of tour do you wish to hold?
§  I hope that I’d be able to have a visually and audibly pleasing live performance that’s also fun and entertaining. I also hope to have a performance that can fully express what kind of an artist Lee Junho really is.
Q84. We all know that you’re talented in both singing and dancing, how long do you take to perfectly memorize and perform a single song?
§  I’m not sure about a specific time, because a lot of focus is required to memorize so much in such a short period of time. Time when I practice from night and dance until the sun rises in the morning is a common routine now.
Q85. As a solo artist, what is your target?
§  Two years ago as 2PM, when we were having our Zepp tour, I thought about when I would be able to hold my own Zepp tour. I’ve always had that dream to do so. Now that this dream is being fulfilled, I’m extremely happy. In the future I also hope to stand on the stage at Japan Budokan stadium, Arena, and also Tokyo Dome. Holding onto a big dream is really important~^^
Q86. You have already debuted on the big screen in Korea, have you thought about having acting activities in Japan too?
§  I’d really like to challenge that! I would want to act out a high school student role. Wearing a high school uniform… but would that be forcing it a little? (laughs) But if I were to die my hair black, I would probably still look like a normal high school student.
Q87. You have appeared in many Korean variety programs, if you were to appear on any Japanese variety show which one would you like to be part of?
§  <Shabekuri 007> Because being commented on and picked on really isn’t that bad in reality (laughs)
Q88. Is there anyone in Japan who you’d like to collaborate with?
§  I’d like to work with Namie Amuro. Although I don’t seem to match very well with Namie Amuro at the moment, but for example Justin Timberlake and Madonna’s collaboration was absolutely brilliant. Once, Namie Amuro and I were in the same recording studio. Namie Amuro was recording here but I was on the floor below. But I never went to say hello, and I still regret it (sigh)
Q89. What do you do to deal with nervousness and anxiousness?
§  I do all kinds of things! Because I’m not the kind who can change moods quickly, I’m always faced with nervousness. Because of this, I’ve made mistakes on variety programs before (laughs)
Q90. What kind of an artist do you hope to become?
§  As a self-composing singer, I’d hope to become an artist who can tell his story using music. In order to become such an artist, I often encourage myself to work harder, telling myself that I will definitely write great songs.
Q91. As 2PM, what are your goals in Japan?
§  After completing our concert in Tokyo Dome, our next goal is to hold a live concert at an outdoor gymnasium stadium.
Q92. Is there any incident where you can show us your relationship with your members?
§  Regarding this, I think that during moments when we don’t need to speak yet we all understand what each other wants, I really feel that everyone’s relationship is close. Because we’ve lived together for 6-7 years, once we see a certain situation we’d be able to understand each other’s condition and feelings immediately. Even if we’d want to hide our feelings, it’s just impossible to do so.
Q93. What words do you hear from fans during Hi-Touch events that can make you feel energized?
§  Compared to words, just by seeing a long and never-ending queue makes me feel particularly blessed.
Q94. What kind of presence does Junho have in the group?
§  I’m always picked on, although I don’t really like it. But there are times when I would suddenly want to be looked after. I think I have a cat-like presence.
Q95. When there are only the members present, what do you usually talk about?
§  We all talk about the latest and trendiest topics. Lately Chansung and I have been enthusiastically discussing cars~
Q96. Do you have a good relationship with your members?
§  We have a great relationship. There are times of disputes and there are times when we’re really close. We have a family-like relationship.
Q97. When arguing, how do you make up to each other?
§  We tell each other about our thoughts and opinions. For example, “Because this is how I think about this situation, that’s why I don’t like it,” and etc. We honestly tell each other how we feel, then we solve the problem together. At these times, the other members will act as a judge and make the final decision. But at times, without a judge our throats will be exhausted from arguing so much (laughs)
Q98. The member with the highest popularity is?
§  Probably Jun. K? He has a really strong presence in the group. I think he’s even more interesting compared to any comedian. Even when he’s not there, once everyone discusses a topic revolving around him, it’s always a heated discussion and fun.
Q99. Using one phrase, introduce each member’s characteristic?
§  Chansung is gentle and innocent. Wooyoung is cheerful and playful. Jun. K is humorous. Taecyeon is kind and approachable. Nichkhun is gentlemanly.
Q100. Finally, please say something to our Popteen readers?
§  During this blazingly hot summer, please spend it refreshingly with me! I love you all ^^

CREDITS: @riiixoxonaPM (SCANS) ; @KingJunho.com (JPN > CHN TRANS) ;

x_tiffany_x @ 2ONEDAY.COM (CHN > ENG TRANS)

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