Selasa, 02 Juli 2013

2PM Junho's solo debut title track, "Kimi no Koe", ranks #1 on Japan's 'Chaku-uta' ringtone chart right after release

2PM's Junho is already creating buzz with his upcoming Japanese mini album, 'Kimi no Koe' ('Your Voice'). The album's title track topped the 'Chaku-Uta' ringtone chart before his official Japanese debut.

Immediately following the release of the ringtone for "Kimi no Koe" on July 1 KST, the song shot up to #1 on the daily ringtone chart. Junho seems to be gaining success left and right with his solo debut album, which has also been ranking high on Tower Record's pre-order chart.

The 2PM member will be kicking off his first solo tour, 'JUNHO (From 2PM) 1st Solo Tour Kimi no Koe', at Zepp Sapporo music hall on July 9 and make his solo debut with 'Kimi no Koe' ('Your Voice') on the 24th!
Congrats, Junho!

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