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"Who are You?" Ok Taecyeon and So I-hyeon share towel kiss

[OSEN=Park Hyeon Min] Ok Taecyeon and So I-hyeon showed their sweet romance with a 'towel kiss.'

The 'romance version' of the teaser trailer for tvN's new Moday-Tuesday drama "Who Are You" has become a hot issue immediately after being released on the tv channel and online. Online, the teaser trailer recorded over 80,000 views in just one day. The drama is due to go on air on July 29.

The couple will put on a romantic tug-o-war this summer in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Who Are You?" The two are both detectives who end up working in the Police Agency's Lost and Found Center for different reasons. They fight a lot at first but learn to trust each other and finally, fall in love with each other. Yang Siion (played by So I-hyeon) can see souls and Cha Geun-woo (played by Ok Taecyeon) falls in love with her. The subtle yet thrilling romance between the two will sure to grab the viewers' attention.

The recently revealed trailer pictures the couple enjoying a date in the rain, befitting the summer weather. The trailer makes viewers look forward to the remarkable chemistry of the two together. In the trailer, So I-hyeon and Ok Taecyeon are met by a sudden shower of rain to their delight. They frolick around and hug each other like a real couple would on a romantic date.

In particular, fans were smitten by the 'towel kiss scene,' when the couple start to dry off each other's hair with a white towel and draw closer when their eyes meet.

Fans reacted to the trailer by commenting online: "The chemistry between So I-hyeon and Ok Taecyeon is amazing," "Why does my heart beat fast at the romantic date the two are having?" and "This is a date to envy."

Producer Lee Minjin of "Whoau" said, "'Who are You?' is a ghost melodrama so it will be different from other romance stories. You can look forward to the mysterious love triangle between a woman who sees souls, a man who comes to love her and a man who can't foget her even when he's dead (played by Kim Jae-wook). Since this is a new genre of ghost melodrama, even the teaser trailer was released in a 'romance version' and a 'ghost version.' So I-hyeon and Ok Taecyeon both enjoyed shooting the 'romance version' trailer and it shows in the beautiful cinematography. You can look forward to the upcoming 'ghost version' as well."
tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Whoau" is a ghost melodrama. The heroine Sion wakes up from a coma after six years and discovers that she can see souls. The male character Geun-woo is a realist who only believes what he can see and feel.

Other than the fact that they are both cops, the two have nothing in common. They pair up to solve the mysteries of the souls inside the objects at the Lost & Found center and in the process, get to understand each other more. In addition, Sion's dead boyfriend Hyeong-jun appears as a ghost and a mysterious love triangle is formed. The drama will go on air starting July 29, 11pm.


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