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Taecyeon Says Consideration Will Keep 2PM Together

Although he may be standing alone as he films his new drama and movie, 2PM is still on Taecyeon’s mind as shown through an interview with fashion magazine 1st Look.
In a recent interview, Taecyeon talked about his new role in tvN’s upcoming drama, Who Are You

Not a particularly big fan of the horror genre, Taecyeon said, “I really don’t like ghosts. I don’t even watch scary movies. Even when 2PM filmed a commercial for the haunted house at a theme park, I don’t come out in it,” said Taecyeon. “But fortunately, I’m playing Geun woo, who doesn’t see ghosts, so when I’m filming, I’m not scared.”
On showing a new image with every comeback, Taecyeon said he and the 2PM members held a lot of meetings, discussing and debating. 

“Of course, Jin Young hyung’s ideas were applied. We followed Jin Young hyung’s double title and stage organization ideas.”

But at the end of the day, everyone accepted each other’s opinions and thoughts, leading into what made 2PM stick together for such a longtime. 
“I think the thing that’s needed the most is consideration for each other,” said Taecyeon. “The Shinhwa hyungs are good at doing that. Eric hyun, especially, did a good job mediating and considering the other members. I read a lot of interviews and articles about the hyungs. I think it’s when each member respects each other and coolly acknowledges each other’s talents that a team can last for a long time. 

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