Minggu, 14 Juli 2013

Which member of 2PM is suffering from the 'celebrity disease'?

2PM's Junho and Jun.K revealed which fellow member was suffering from the 'celebrity disease.'

The members made a guest appearance on July 13th broadcast of KBS' 'The Human Condition' and learned to live without electricity.

Comedian Park Sung Ho was unusually quiet and shy in front of 2PM. The other cast members of the show tried to lighten the mood and asked 2PM if there was a member who was as shy as Park Sung Ho. 2PM shared that no one was shy, but there was a member suffering from the 'celebrity disease' and pointed out Taecyeon.

Junho revealed, "It's been a while since we debuted so we got a lot of junior idols,and Taecyeon always hangs out outside the waiting room. He's enjoying receiving greetings from the juniors."

Jun.K added, "I once saw Taecyeon asking people, 'Would you like me to take a picture with you?'"

2PM didn't leave before revealing the members' cute drinking habits. They revealed thatNichkhun likes to kiss, Junho falls asleep, and Chansung's eyes get droopy when he's drunk.

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