Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

2PM Junho joins ‘A Touch of Zen’ with Lee Byung-hun & Jeon Do-yeon.

[OSEN=Kim Kyung-joo] Idol group 2PM Junho will be joining the movie ‘A Touch of Zen’

2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment spokesman said to OSEN on 26th that Junho will be joining the upcoming movie ‘A Touch of Zen’ and he said “The casting is decided but specific shooting date is yet to be scheduled.”

Junho successfully debuted on screen with ‘Cold Eyes 2013’ and was praised for his acting ability. He may become the new rising star of ‘Chungmu-ro’ (Korea’s movie mainstream)

Meanwhile, ‘A Touch of Zen’ stting is Goryeo, Korean dynasty and features During the age of military when riots would never end, Poong-cheon, Seol-lang(Jeon Do-yeon) and Deok-gi (Lee Byung-hun) used to lead the riots. The moment their cause has been realized, Deok-gi's betrayal leads to the death of Poong-cheon and Seol-lang disappears with Poong-cheon's sword and her daughter Hong-i(Kim Go-eun) who is raised as a human weapon. Deok-gi from a low class desires to become the king. The movie was directed by Park Heung-sik who is well know form ‘I Wish I Had A Wife’ and ‘Kids From Heaven’

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