Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

Taecyeon and Kim Woo Bin reveal some of their secrets for 'Cosmopolitan'

Some of the top male celebrities participated in pictorials and interviews forCosmopolitan's September Issue. A few of the featured celebs were:2PM's Taecyeon, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Verbal Jint, 2AM's Jinwoon,B2ST's Jun Hyung and many more.

The theme of the interview was titled 'Secret Confession', and the men revealed some of their secrets. Taecyeon said if there was a girl he really liked, he wouldn't even be able to look at or talk to her. He would just go through heartbreak.  

However, he said he would unveil his romantic side if he were to propose. He said he would propose at San Marco in Venice. He would sing a song the two enjoyed listening to together and propose with a ring.

Kim Woo Bin revealed in his interview that he finds it most sexy if a girl has a beautiful smile. He also shared his love story about his past girlfriend.

You can hear more of these hot guys' confessions in Cosmopolitan's September Issue.

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