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130812 TV Station Magazine - Interview

130812 TV Station Magazine - Interview

-This is your first time doing a musical, how did you feel when it was decided?
I felt really honored to have been offered the job and eager to try it since I was always interested in acting in a musical.

- What were the responses for your musical debut stage in Korea this February?
I have performed our songs to audience standing on the stage as a singer so far, but I have to focus on the role when acting in a musical, so at first that was hard for me. I tried to think of replacing D’Artagnan with myself since I’ve never learned acting. Those difficulties gradually faded away as I acted like that, and I was able to express the role of D’Artagnan in my own way. 2PM’s members also came to watch and really enjoyed it, they also gave me encouragement. Chansung said that he got goose bumps every time I appeared on the stage (laughs). I think it’s greatly fortunate for me that the members cheer me up like that. I once again thought about how nice all 2PM members are (laughs).

- What is the charm of D’Artagnan, whom you’re acting as, and the common points between him and yourself?
D’Artagnan goes to Paris from his hometown and fights to become a musketeer, I think the figure that believes in justice and goes straight in is impressive. I’m the type of person who would go forward without quailing even if I have to face some hardships, so that part of him may be similar to me. Also, I can sympathize with him going to rescue the woman he loves at the risk of his own life.

- What is your impression of your co-performers?
Um Kijoon-ssi and Shin Sungwoo-ssi are great seniors in both musicals and in life. So, I asked them various questions in a manner of always learning from my seniors and receiving advice from them. In addition, I’d like to follow their sincere attitudes towards musicals. There are really many chances to learn. 2AM’s Changmin is a friend who worked hard together with me in the same agency before and I’m on good terms with FT ISLAND’s Seunghyun too since I have had chances to meet him at music programs, so it is reassuring for me that there are friends my age like them.

- Lastly, please tell us about the highlights and give a message to the readers.
The best highlight is the passionate friendship between men. It’d be great if you can focus and look at the men’s passionate looks and their body movements sparkling during the musical. There may be many things I am lacking, but I am going to try my very best so please come to watch it.

Scanned and Translated by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet

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