Rabu, 04 September 2013

2PM’s Taecyeon Waves ‘Hello’ with Living Legend Cho Yong Pil for Japanese Single

2PM’s Taecyeon revealed that he will be featuring in Cho Yong Pil’s Hello

JYP Entertainment stated on September 4, “Taecyeon will be featuring in Cho Yong Pil’s 19th album, Hello, which will be released in Japan on October 16.”
In the Korean version, Verbal Jint participated in the rap, which Taecyeon will cover for the Japanese version. 

“I’m so honored to be with Cho Yong PIl sunbaenim, who is a legend. I listened to Hello and Bounce in the 19th album a lot, so with a hopeful heart that many people in Japan will also enjoy Cho Yong PIl sunbaenim’s music, I was more than happy to feature in it. We worked hard for the awesome song, so please anticipate it,” said Taecyeon.”

Taecyeon foreshadowed the collaboration before the announcement, when he tweeted a photo of an autographed Cho Yong Pil album, saying, “Teacher Cho Yong Pil. TT TT It was already such a great honor being able to sing with you. TT TT Thank you TT TT.”

Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment, YPC Production
News Credit : M-Wave

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