Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

2PM's Nichkhun thinks he is the best looking idol?

2PM's very own 'Thai Prince', Nichkhun, has admitted that he may just be the best looking idol around in the K-pop scene.

On the June 1st broadcast of 'Entertainment Relay's 'Guerilla Date', the 'beastly idols' played a lie detector game to get down to the cold hard truth. Nichkhun was asked if he thinks there isn't an idol star out there that can compare to him in looks, to which Nichkhun simply responded, "Yes". The lie detector may not have eyes to see his visuals but it agreed that Nichkhun was telling the truth, bringing laughs.
Maknae Chansung, who has always been teased for his mature looks since his debut, was also asked if he thinks he looks older than he is and he admitted it. But the lie detector thought that was a lie, giving an electrical buzz to Chansung's hand. The members also took this opportunity to ask Wooyoung if any woman has caught his eye since their comeback to which Wooyoung hesitantly replied, "No", and fan girls were happy to see that the lie detector determined that was the truth.

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