Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

2PM's Nichkhun receives his first serenade from a woman on 'Star King'

2PM's Nichkhun couldn't help but to blush upon receiving a serenade by beautiful pianists on 'Star King'.
On the June 1st episode, a 10-member pianist group brought the audience to a round of applause with their performances on one piano. Nichkhun was then joined by the female members of the group for a serenade of his go-to song, "Nothing Better". But when four of the female members squished in beside Nichkhun to fit on the small piano chair, Nichkhun became flustered with his ears becoming red. Nichkhun shared, "I think my ears about to explode right now."
The girls then performed a beautiful cover of "Nothing Better" on the piano to which Nichkhun belted out his high notes for the song. Although he shared that he had sung to many fangirls, this was the first time that he was given a serenade by a woman, making the moment even more special.

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