Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

2PM's Nichkhun still has his eyes on figure skater Kim Yuna?

2PM's Nichkhun expressed his interest in the beautiful and graceful figure skater Kim Yuna once again!

During a recent filming for MBC's 'Quiz to Change the World', when asked about his ideal type, Nichkhun shared, "I like athletes. Although it doesn't matter which sport, I like Kim Yuna's style. I want to get to know her," which comes as no surprise to HOTTESTs as he has mentioned this before and it still seems like he hasn't gotten the chance to to know her just yet.
Fellow member Taecyeon and MBLAQ's Seungho and Lee Joon also opened up about their dating and marriage plans during this filming session, so make sure to tune in, fan girls, when the episode airs on the 8th!

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