Rabu, 13 November 2013

[Breaking News] 2PM Hwang Chansung, nabbed the leading role in the film "Deoksuri 5"

Group 2PM Hwang Chan-sung nabbed the leading role in the film 'Deoksuri 5'. Hwang Chan-sung decided to star in the

film 'Deoksuri 5'(director Jeon Hyung-joon, producer Co. memmem) which will
be released next year. It is a human comedy film about recovering family
affection of five siblings. It includes thriller, moving and dramatic.

Hwang Chan-sung will be starring as wanna-be policeman, Soo-geun. Soo-geun is Yoon Sang-hyun's(Soo-kyo) sibling.
They became siblings with Song Sae-byuk (Dong-soo) and Hyun-jung(Lee Ah-yi) by their parents remarriage. Soo-geun is
short-tempered but warm inside thus Hwang Chan-sung is highly anticipated.
According to the 'Deoksuri 5' spokesman explained, "Hwang Chan-sung recently
showed various charms in his latest drama so we decided his casting. Also he
is expected to become a rising star in this film industry through this drama."

Previously, Hwang Chan-sung starred in MBC 'Secret Couple' as national security agent Gong Do-ha and KBS drama special
'Your Noir' and was lauded by critics with his subtle play in pure love.

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