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[TRANS] 130723 Junho's Interview w/ Shukan Josei/週刊女性 (Women's Weekly)

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[Junho's signature] Be with me this summer!

Finally... on July 24, Junho from 2pm released
his Japanese solo debut 'Kimi No Koe'.

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I heard about my solo debut being mentioned for the first time about a year ago. Even though I wasn’t sure, I already wanted to start preparing immediately. It wasn't until December of last year that I have finally begin to work for my own solo album. So I worked on my solo every night, right after all the other activities.

For this mini album, I was involved with the process of creating the song, choreography, and the design of album cover, and also the creation of the MV. At first, I didn't think that I could create it by myself. From the all the experience that I've been through, I could start to see myself in a more objective point of view, and since this is my first album, I wanted to make it more personal. So finally, I came up with this -- Junho, the artist that's not fully mature from an objective point of view. I want to make it better and put my true self into this mini album.

[Upper right corner of the photo] “Junho, congratulation on your solo debut! When I heard 'Your Voice', it sound really cool. It really sounds like Junho’s first song. Junho always works very hard at practice and among all members, you’re always number one. I believe that Junho’s solo debut will be a success. All of the members are supporting you. Fighting! Junho, fighting!” – From 2PM's Chansung

The title song 'Your Voice' came to mind when I was at one of the concerts with 2PM. I heard a lot of fans cheering and supporting us. So on the way home, I was inspired by this and created this song. Even though, in the context of this song, I was replying to my fans that have been supporting me, the meaning of this song could change for different people who listen to this song. 'You' could be a lover or a friend. The meaning of the 'you' can change in different situation. While I was shooting the MV, Wooyoung, Chansung, and Taecyeon came to support me. I would be very grumpy if no one came to support me. (laughs) Only two members didn’t come because they have a lot of activities and they're very busy, so they couldn’t help it. We're like a real family, so 'Fighting!' and 'You'll be great!' are already enough.

Of course, there are a lot of pressure as the first 2PM member to have a Japanese solo debut. But I understand that I need to move forward and all those pressure will disappear when I’m on the stage. And right now, I'm having solo concert at the five largest cities in Japan to allow everyone to see myself stepping forward on my solo work. I pay lots of attentions on my work. Recently 'Cold Eyes' was released on theaters in Korea. It was my debut as an actor and I received compliments about my acting, so it felt very good. I thought that it’d be great if I actually have a girlfriend, secretly. But I'm pretty happy with my job! When I meet with a girl that understand me, then I want to enjoy the romance! As long as the two of us are together, it’s enough.

For me, the fans are like the stars. They always light us up and they make us feel alive. I received a lot of energy from everyone and I'm finally reaching the beginning of my solo debut. From now on, there will be many challenges ahead. I want to work with other artists and try many different styles of music. I want to keep growing and improving, and the style of my performance will keep changing. And everyone please pay attention to my growth.

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