Sabtu, 21 September 2013

[allkpop] 2PM's Chansung looks with longing at his star-crossed love in still cuts for 'Your Noir'

Upcoming KBS 2TV drama special 'Your Noir' released still cuts of 2PM's Chansung!

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Chansung will take on his first lead role as Hyung Joo, a maknae mobster. The still cuts show Chansung looking at the prosecutor's wife Lee Hyun (Chae Jung An), who he falls for, with longing and waiting for a glimpse of her as he stares at the window of her house. 

In 'Your Noir', Hyung Joo gets involved in a sticky situation with a prosecutor (Hong Kyung In) who tries to track down Hyung Joo's mob in order to arrest them. He gets close with the prosecutor to find out his weakness and discovers that the prosecutor's wife Lee Hyun is his old high school teacher who he used to have a crush on. The drama takes viewers through the star-crossed love of Hyung Joo and Lee Hyun.

'Your Noir' will premiere on October 2!

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