Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

[Social Media] Taecyeon express deep thoughts about JYPEntertainment.

On January 3, 2PM 's Taecyeon left a series
of tweets portraying his current thoughts on JYP Entertainment . It appears he is not satisfied with the way things run in the company and how the recognition is distributed among the JYP employees, so he spoke out through his personal Twitter account.

His first tweet said, "If you award a promotion to someone who did not even
help or manage things, what does that make those who stayed by my side to help and manage? Did you make a choice that can be understood? Even I as a celebrity in the company do not understand this so
would the fans of the company be understanding? JYP needs a reformation in 2014. "

A few minutes later, he continued his thoughts with, " The company needs to reform to become one in which people are not simply just timestamping the hours they worked, but actually become one that is worth while to work hard for.

The entertainment company does not
even entertain its employees, so how could it satisfy the public? Whether or not the company is in the top three, it is time
to not attach great importance to that title
and ensure internal stability. "

Lastly, he wrote, " If our company wants to aim to be the best once again in 2014,I think it might not be only in the power of the producers but also in the power of the company's employees. For the
unappreciated JYP staffs who deserve the actual credit ."

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