Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

[Social Media] Taecyeon expain where he came from after his serious tweets about JYPE.

2PM 's Taecyeon followed up on his earlier tweets concerning his dissatisfaction with the way things are run in JYP Entertainment, explaining where he was coming from.

Taecyeon tweeted out, "I think it was inappropriate for me to write a public
post concerning my agency's management. I hope that you understand
that the post came from a lot of affection and passion for my agency JYP to be the
best. I will become a Ok Taecyeon who works hard and communicates even
better with my agency," and also deleted his previous posts.

The idol previously brought a storm of attention towards the pros and cons of JYP Entertainment following his series of tweets, through which he expressed his
concern regarding certain staff members not receiving the credit they're due and his wish for the agency to continue to strive forward and become a company that motivates their employees to work
hard to gain internal stability.

via allkpop

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