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Lee Eliyah, Romantically Bickering With Ok Taek Yeon in "Very Good Times"

Lee Eliyah's management company said on January 6th, "Lee Eliyah was cast in KBS 2TV weekend drama "Very Good Times."

"Very Good Times" is about a poor boy who becomes a prosecutor and comes back to his hometown after 14 years. It shows a story about the importance of family and the greatness of love and the significance of neighbors and the warmth of people.

In the drama, Lee Eliyah has many sides to personality and is a teacher of a small school as nothing has stopped her in life but has no dating skills in the character of Kim Ma Ri.

2PM Ok Taek Yeon was confirmed to be actor Lee Suh Jin's younger sibling and it would also show a not-so-easy romance

Moreover, in the drama, Eliyah is a small town teacher and the president of the fan club of Shinee in the Kyeongnam province as she makes all the examples with Shinee.

She is a passionate Shinee fan that has to go to concerts even while missing class and has a obsessive side but when something happens to her class students, she is loyal and shows a very different side.

Last October, she played the role of Choi Shin Young in tvN drama "Basketball" as an arrogant daughter of a family living in Kyeong Sung during the Japanese occupation and is a new age woman, but in "Very Special Times" she shows a different side in a lovable character, foreshadowing a change in character.

Meanwhile, "Very Special Times" draws a story about three generations and is written by writer Lee Kyung Hee who wrote "Nice Boy" "I'm Sorry I Love You" "This Damn Love" "Tip" and producer Kim Jin Won who directed "Nice Man". It will be broadcast after "King's Family" in February.

via. kdramastars.com

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