Minggu, 24 Februari 2013

CONFIRMED : WE GOT MARRIED World Version. Couple Taecyeon and Gui Gui :) Will Start On Air 1 April 2013


English Name: Ghost / Even
Chinese Name:
吴映 (Wu Ying Jie)
鬼鬼 / GuiGui
Age: 20
Height: 165 cm

Weight: 49 KG
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 11, 1989
Zodiac: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Idols: Ariel Lin, Mike He, Leeteuk, George Hu
Occupation: Singer, actress, host
Pet: Female dog; GaGa
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Yakult, Cheese
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror movies
Education: High School
Best Mate: Stitch & Co.
Favorite People: Family, Friends, Fans & Supporters
Special skills: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Golfing, and Playing the Urheen
Via : guiguiforever.wordpress.com

I like this couple J Do You?

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